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Demands commitment, denies selfishness, accepts reality, yet seeks improvement every day while putting the team above self.


  • Must be physically fit with emphasis on healthy mind and body

  • Must be self-motivated and able to self-evaluate

  • Must have solid technical and performance skills

  • Strong desire to grow and develop as a dancer

  • Must have a sense of humor, bright smile, and positive attitude

  • Must have respect for the team and staff

  • Show support for the studio, teachers, and fellow dancers

  • Must have a supportive family base showing respect for teachers and students.


Commitment Level:

The NZ Company members are required to participate from August through Nationals, which is typically beginning of July. This is a serious commitment and will not be taken lightly. Participants are expected to fulfill this commitment, and will be required to sign a parent/student agreement. The Performing Dance Company attends 1-2 conventions, 3-4 regional competitions, and 1 national competition in the summer.


Benefits of competition:

Competing against the finest teams allows our teachers and students the opportunity to be inspired by the talent across the country.  This is how Expressenz is continuously improving and evolving with the times while challenging ourselves to grow to new heights.  Students who wish to pursue dance professionally have an opportunity to grow and develop their performance skills through competition.  Competition allows the dancer to perform more frequently and teaches them the importance of thriving under pressure.  The NZ Company is also required to attend 1-2 conventions per season, giving our dancers the opportunity to take class from teachers who are currently working professionally.  Being apart of our competition team helps a dancer build their confidence while simultaneously becoming a well-rounded, well-trained performer.


Further information regarding pricing, attendance, dancer opportunities, etc. is available in our company handbook below.

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