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Expressenz dancers have found success in collegiate and professional programs across the country.  Over the past decade, 51 students have graduated from our company program, and 21 of them have continued dancing post graduation.  Our Students have gone on to attend some of the top collegiate dance programs and dance teams across the country. In the past seasons, our dancers have been accepted to the following university dance programs:

We have also had Alumni attend preprofessional programs such as Theatre Arts Preparatory School and the Broadway Dance Center Professional Semester.  Currently, our very own Chelsea Kuhn who just graduated with a BS in Dance Arts Administration from Butler University, is a dancer with City Ballet of San Diego.  Another one of our alumni Margot Korn, who graduated with a BFA in dance from University of Iowa, is continuing her dance career in Chicago as a member of the company The Cambrians. We have also had dancers continue on as NFL dancers/cheerleaders, and becoming dance instructors across the country.  Our alumni have also had the opportunity to work for Jump Dance Convention, Clear Talent Group, and Starpower National Talent Competition.

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