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2020-2021 SEASON INFO



  • Communication with Instructor: If for some reason you need to speak with an instructor please call the front office. Teachers have very limited time between classes. We also encourage email as a form of communication with an instructor.

  • Dance Room Etiquette: We want to keep our studio as clean as possible. Please remember to always pick up after yourself. There is absolutely NO chewing gum, food or drink (other than bottled water) in the dance studios. All dance bags need to be placed in cubby area.

  • Facility: Please clean up after yourself and throw trash away. We want to keep the space as clean as possible.

  • Timeliness: Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for your first scheduled dance class. This allows dancers the opportunity to prepare for class and for the class to begin on time. For your child’s safety we ask that you come in with any student under the age of 10. Also, it is the parent’s responsibility to be prompt when picking up their child after class. All dancers should wait inside the studio while waiting to be picked up. The studio closes at 9:30 each evening. We ask you respect the needs of our employees by being on time. In the event of an emergency please contact the studio. Expressenz Dance Center cannot be held responsible for watching children after classes.

  • Missing Class/ Make-Up Classes: If you must for some reason miss a class it is your responsibility to call our office and inform the studio or leave a message on the voice-machine prior to the scheduled class time so that we can inform the teacher of the absence. Contact the front desk or see instructor for a make-up class that works for your dancer. Please note that the account will be charged for the class even if the dancer does not attend; there are no refunds.

  • Lost and Found: Items left at the studio are kept for a limited time only. Please check the lost and found periodically; all unclaimed items are donated to Good Will.

  • Dress Code: All dancers are expected to respect the dress code for ALL classes. Please view Expressenz Dance Center’s Dress Code.

  • Weather Policy: Expressenz Dance Center will send out an email, post on, and will notify local weather channel WTHR 13 regarding studio opening, delays, and/or closure due to weather. 

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